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Sahapedia Heritage Walk- Of Warriors and Rajput Culture - Amber Fort

The barren land of Rajasthan is home to generations of valiant warriors and a vibrant culture. Despite being on the fringes, Rajputana was a strong political presence: a fact that is evident from the many wars fought, along with the affluent court culture and folk tradition that developed here. The spoils of war and the melodies of music hold an important place in Rajput culture. Rajput rulers were known to be both patrons of the arts as well as vicious warriors. The walls of the forts and palaces they built are a testament to these. While they tell stories of the brutal wars and their cunning strategies, they also resonate with the sound of the traditional music and dance of the region. This walk will delve into the origin of Rajput court culture, with a focus on the Kachwaha clan and their interactions with the Mughals. The interactions between the Mughals and the Rajputs led to the creation of an assimilated cultural ethos that is often forgotten in the narrative of the two separate and often warring religious communities. As we look at the juxtaposition between war and the arts, we will also engage with the two sides of human existence, life, and death. 

The walk will culminate in time for you to attend the light and sound show held at the Amber Fort. This trip to Amber will open a window into the history and lives of the Rajputs who shaped the political atmosphere of medieval India. 

This guided tour is free.

  • Date: Saturday, 23rd June 2018
  • Duration: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Meeting time: 6:15 pm
  • Meeting point: Ticket counter of Amber Fort, Jaipur
  • Walk led by Diksha Goel - She is pursuing her majors in History from Miranda House, University of Delhi. The study of relics of the past has always been her passion and the capital provided her with a space to do so with its towering minarets and forlorn monuments. In all their historic glory here stands tombs and fortitudes who once saw the bloodshed of mighty battles and the dab of a forgotten culture. The spirit of this forgotten history and a sense of exploration compelled her to explore the city and the stories she uncovered are the ones that she now shares through platforms such as Sahapedia.
  • Medium: English

Things to keep in mind:

*Mandatory registration closes after 25 entries.

Step 1- Please like and share the page to register.

Step 2- Fill the form to confirm your registration.

After the online registration, do inform through a text message or an email, before the walk,

if you are unable to attend it. Register only if your participation is confirmed.

One participation per registration. Please do not register twice.

Contact at: 8890490030 (Diksha)

Email at:

· Parking available below the complex.

· Photography allowed. You may carry your cameras and notebooks.

· Participants will have to buy entry tickets to the fort: Rs. 100 (Indian adults) and Rs. 550 (foreign nationals). The price is lower for students, provided they carry their student identity cards. There is an additional cost of Rs. 250 for the light and sound show, if anyone wishes to attend it after the walk. The Hindi show starts at 8:30 pm.  

• Wear comfortable shoes and carry water.