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Runa Mukherjee |
Led by transwomen, Sathrangi aims to counter stereotypes and create employment for transgender people through the sale of handicraft products.
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Dipanita Nath |
A new theatre space emerges from an old factory building and opens with a play in which a fresh script is composed from an ancient Indian text.
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From Lal Ded in the 14th Century to Naseem Shafaie in the 21st, a historical narrative of Kashmir’s female bards.
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Over thirty per cent of the 70,000 odd rare books at the Allama Iqbal library in Bhopal have been damaged beyond recovery.
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A study published in Antiquity has found that Indus populations were the earliest people to use complex multi-cropping strategies across both seasons, growing foods during summer and winter.  
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Syeda Hameed and Ruth Zothanpuii |
The 1964 National Film Award winner Shehar Aur Sapna, like many of Abbas’s films, deals with contemporary realities in its exploration of Bombay and its dwellers.
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Justin E H Smith |
As the theorist Walter J Ong pointed out in Orality and Literacy: Technologizing the Word (1982), it is difficult, perhaps even impossible, now to imagine how differently language would have been experienced in a culture of ‘primary orality’. There would be nowhere to ‘look up a word’, no authoritative source telling us the shape the word ‘actually’ takes. There would be no way to affirm the word’s existence at all except by speaking it – and this necessary condition of survival is important for understanding the relatively repetitive nature of epic poetry. Say it over and over again, or it will slip away.
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Moeena Halim |
Launched on May 26 at Mumbai's Piramal Museum of Art, the Nature to Culture exhibition curated by Gohil and Ramanathan reflects the best of their findings and focuses on seven crafts.
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