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Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow, a city known for its nawabs and kababs is profound in
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The Air Force Museum, located in 7th mile, upper Shillong,
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Exquisite bronze sculptures were produced in the Tamil country


Quick Facts: Bishnupur


Town in Bankura district, West Bengal (approximately 200 km from Kolkata)

Established by

Malla dynasty (1590–1806 CE)

Famous for

Terracotta temples, Baluchari sarees and Dhokra metalwork


Rammancha (1600 CE), Jor-Bangla Temple (1655 CE), Pancha Ratna (1643 CE), Madanmohan (1694 CE), Lalji Temple (1658 CE), Radha Shyam Temple (1758 CE), Nandlal Temple (17th century CE), Kalachand (1656 CE), Radha Vinod Temple (1659 CE), Madangopal Temple (1665 CE), Murlimohan Temple (1665 CE), Radha Govinda (1729 CE), Radha Madhav (1737 CE), Malleshwar (1622), Chinnamasta Temple, Sanreshwar Temple, Mrinmayi Temple, Krishna-Balaram temple, Sarbamangala Temple


Birthplace of the Bishnupur Gharana in the Dhrupad style of Hindustani classical music