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Kolkata Biryani: Fact Check


Nawab Wajid Ali Shah brought the Awadhi Biryani to Metiabruz, West Bengal, from Lucknow in 1856 when he was ousted from his throne by the British. The Kolkata Biryani is a variation of the Awadhi/ Lucknowi Biryani, with milder flavours and spices and the addition of the potato to the rice and meat preparation. Today, the Kolkata Biryani stands strong, and independent, both a staple and a delicacy.


Pocket pinch

The price of a plate of Kolkata Biryani (chicken) in Kolkata ranges from Rs. 80 to Rs. 275.


Heritage restaurants in Kolkata serving the Kolkata biryani

Oudh 1590 (several outlets)
Arsalan (several outlets)
India Restaurant (Khidderpore)
Dada Boudi (Barrackpore)
Asma (Baruipur)
Aminia (several outlets)
Shiraz (several outlets)
Zeeshan (several outlets)
Rahmania (several outlets)
Royal (two outlets; serves Awadhi Biryani, not the Kolkata Biryani)
C/o. Bangali (Shyambajar; serves the Dhaka Biryani, not the Kolkata Biryani)
Plenty of small eateries in almost every lane and by-lane of Kolkata like Arfaat, Shimla Biryani, Haji Sahib, Alishan, and others, which have takeaway Biryani counters at extremely reasonable rates


What to team with your plate of Kolkata biryani

Chicken kosha
Mutton kosha
Chicken kebabs
Mutton kebabs
Aerated drinks
Fresh lime soda
Or, nothing at all: a special plate of Kolkata Biryani with a chunk of meat, a potato, an egg and a healthy quantity of rice is enough in itself. It's a full meal.