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Kolam: A Brief Glance


Kolam is an ancient floor art tradition from Tamil Nadu that involves making geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots, using rice flour/chalk/chalk powder/white rock powder on the threshold of houses, early morning. 


Practiced mostly by Hindu Tamil women, the knowledge of kolam patterns is passed orally from generations among women. A symbol of auspiciousness, mysticism and thanksgiving to mother earth (Bhuvi-devi), there a great variety of kolam drawings, varying from the simple (Pulli, Nelli Kolam) to the most intricately laced (Kambi, Sikku etc). 

Kolam and mathematics

Not just anthropologists, ethnologists, art enthusiasts, cultural researchers, but even observant mathematicians and math educators are immediately struck by links between kolams and various branches of mathematics. Kolams suggest introductory topics in discrete math, number theory, abstract algebra, sequences, fractals, and computer science alongside those in algebra and arithmetic