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Kerang Cloth of Gadaba Adivasis: Salient Features

What is kerang?

Kerang is the traditional cloth of Gadaba adivasis which has almost languished; it is woven and worn by Gadaba women.

Symbolism and Significance

The vibrant red and blue stripes of Kerang cloth symbolises the impression of tiger skin and relation of Gadabas with nature.

Raw material

The fibre used in kerang is removed from the bark of the local plant by beating with a wood and later boiled in water and dried in sunlight to soften the texture.

Weaving process

The fibres are hand-spun on thighs using a spindle like tool called ginara and twisted slowly with the help of fingers to elongate the length of yarn for weaving. Kerang cloth is woven on the back-strap loom by two women by digging a small pit on the ground and erecting four poles in four corners to stretch the warp for weaving.