23 Jun 2018 - 18:30 to 20:00
Jaipur , Rajasthan
The barren land of Rajasthan is home to generations of valiant
23 Jun 2018 - 18:30 to 20:00
Did you know the origin of Bhelpuri or the Pav bhaji? What is
24 Jun 2018 - 06:15 to 08:15
With its colonial past and cosmopolitan culture, Secunderabad,



Posted on:: 7 Dec 2015 - 10:11
Several of the novels on the shortlist have also been shortlisted – and at least one has won – prestigious literary prizes in India already. There’s no doubt about it: these are definitely among the best novels written in the period under question. But, and it’s a huge but, why are there so few of such novels that the same ones keep cropping up over and over on longlists and shortlists? Frankly, it’s come to a point in Indian publishing where an informed reader can predict a literary award shortlist with a high degree of accuracy, simply because there are so few to choose from. Are our publishers running away from literary publishing in response to what they perceive as shrinking markets for “good” fiction and playing it safe with more obviously commercially oriented lists instead?
Posted on:: 25 Nov 2015 - 11:35
Does anyone have the contact details of Jaya teacher?
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Jaya Teacher's relatives are in Sydney, maybe we could ask thm?

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Yes, Sahapedia has an interview with Jaya teacher. Maybe we could ask them for the details?

Posted on:: 25 Nov 2015 - 11:28
I have many photos of Rukmini Devi performances. Where should I share them?
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You could submit them to the Indian memory project.

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I like the Indian memory project.

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Submit them to Sahapedia! 

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Sahapedia would be a good place to share them.