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At a Glance: The Bhaibhand Sindhworkis


A trading community of Hindus which emerged from Hyderabad, Sindh in the late 1850s


A few individuals left Hyderabad to trade in other countries of the British Empire. They established trade outposts on the sea routes, expanding from one to the next until they had stores located in countries around the globe. They employed young men from their native town and their businesses grew as did their population. The families remained at home and they visited every few years.


After the Partition of India, Sindh was given intact to Pakistan. Its Hindus fled their homeland and were never able to return. Seeking lives of dignity and independence, many flocked to the outposts set up by the pioneering ‘Sindhworkis’. They took their families with them and the outposts developed into communities.


Linked across the continents, Sindhworkis speak their native language as well as the languages of the countries they settled in. In their homes they cook traditional food and their kitchens have adopted local recipes too. Many have a place in India which also feels like home.