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Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh
Lucknow, a city known for its nawabs and kababs is profound in
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The Air Force Museum, located in 7th mile, upper Shillong,
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Exquisite bronze sculptures were produced in the Tamil country


Arabi Malayalam


Language of the Mappilas, the Malayali Muslim community, some of whom are of mixed Arab and Malayali descent.





The script is a variant of Arabic, the grammar and syntax that of Malayalam, while the vocabulary draws from Malayalam, Arabic, Tamil, Urdu and Persian.


1607: Publication of earliest known Mappila song, Muhyudhin Mala 

1883: First Arabi Malayalam novel, Chahar Darvesh (translated from Persian) 

Major works translated from Sanskrit: Astangahridaya, Amarakosa, Mahasara, Yogarambha and Upakarasara