Ajrakh - Module

The art and history of ajrakh



To gain comprehensive understanding of the art of Ajrakh, I held lengthy discussions with Khalid Ameen Khatri and Ameen Ibrahim Khatri from Ajrakhpur in Kutch, Gujarat, as well a...

Tracing the history of Sufii thought and practice in northern India, and introducing the concepts underlying its literature

Islamic mysticism is devoted to the promotion of onenness and pluralism.


The term SUFISM (tasawwuf) refers to the spiritual dimension and inner core of the world religion of Islam f...

Focus on Chishtiyah and Related Orders 

Sufism is a fashionable term these days, especially among the urban elite who often assume that visiting a Sufi dargah (shrine), listening to qawwalis...

Bhaka nyari nyari bhava ek,

Kaha turuk kaha barahaman

(Languages are so many, emotion is the same,

Whether a Turk or a Brahmin.)

Nouras soor juga joti ani saroguni,




 (1)ذاتی کوائف اور تصانیف

پیدائش         :    27 دسمبر 1797، مقام اکبر آباد یعنی آگرہ، اترپردیش

اصل نام        : ...

All About Ajrakh - Interview

Mushtak Khan:  लोतिका-दी, हमारे भारत में बहुत तरह के textile traditions है, लेकिन अजरख के बारे में लोग बहुत ज्यादा नहीं जानते, तो यह अजरख है क्या? (We have a great variety of textile traditions in...